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Engineering | Center for Negative Carbon Emissions (CNCE)


The Need for Carbon Accounting

by Klaus Lackner
November 27, 2018

The world has dumped so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that it is not enough anymore to stop dumping.  It has become necessary to clean up the mess and remove the excess carbon from the environment. This poses more than just technical problems of capture and storage.  It is easy to claim carbon removal. But how does a paying customer know that this value has actually been delivered? 

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Jevons strikes again

Klaus Lackner 
November 22, 2018 

Recently, the Washington Post had an captivating article on indoor farming.  Improvements in lighting efficiency make controlled environment agriculture economic.  LED lights not only deliver photons, they deliver the right color at the right time, shaping and optimizing ag-products in ways that were impossible before. 

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Stop relitigating old and outdated studies on air capture

Klaus Lackner
November 16, 2018

Direct air capture seems necessary, but it is often pushed aside as too expensive.  A recent National Academy Study says just as much. It states that direct air capture has ZERO potential for creating negative emissions, simply because its cost is too high.  Further down, the report points out that direct air capture apart from cost has no scaling limitations. 

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