Engineering | Center for Negative Carbon Emissions (CNCE)

Christophe Jospe

Jospe_Christophe_0721a_bChristophe Jospe is the chief strategist for the Center for Negative Carbon Emissions (CNCE) at the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment of the Ira. A Fulton Schools of Engineering, Arizona State University (ASU).

Jospe received his B.A. from Colgate University in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies in 2008 and worked for five years in various capacities in civil society organizations devoted to transformational change before attending Columbia University where he received an MPA in Environmental Science and Policy from the School of International and Public Affairs. While at Columbia, he worked as communications associate at the Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy with Prof. Klaus Lackner. Ever since, he has been on a ridiculously fast learning curve to bridge the technological, scientific, economic, and political nexus of air capture technologies to advance the development of this climate solution. In August, 2014 he moved with Lackner and Wright to establish CNCE at ASU.

Jospe is leading the business development and communications efforts of CNCE. He is actively engaging and enabling various stakeholders committed to deploying technologies that can remove, use and sequester carbon dioxide from air.