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Engineering | Center for Negative Carbon Emissions (CNCE)

Shell’s New Energy and Research Technology (NERT) Group - Materials and shapes for advanced filters removing CO2 from wind

CNCE has entered into a three-year research agreement with Shell’s New Energy and Research Technology (NERT) Group’s Long Range Research Platform to fund research in carbon capture from the atmosphere with passive collectors that pull carbon dioxide out of the air in the same manner as trees. We aim to standardize measurements, validation and modeling efforts for direct air capture technologies and assess their performance in real-world environments. Taking into account the lessons learned from previous work, this project is focused on the creation of a complete test platform and modeling platform for novel sorbent materials and absorbing structures like filters and artificial trees used in direct air capture. During this research project, better sorbents and sorbent regeneration systems, as well as different collection strategies, will be evaluated in terms of their economic viability and effectiveness in different climes.