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Engineering | Center for Negative Carbon Emissions (CNCE)

The Advanced Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory

The Advanced Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory

The Advanced Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory

Our laboratory at The Center for Negative Carbon Emissions (CNCE) focuses on developing the next generation of carbon management technologies by focusing on interdisciplinary research, experimentation and modeling, benchtop and outdoor demonstration projects.

Our interdisciplinary research approach includes:

  • Demonstration and development of prototype technologies to close the carbon cycle and create net negative emissions
  • Advancement of fundamental sciences supporting this new technology base
  • Systems analysis and engineering studies of rapid transition to new energy infrastructures
  • Models of the underlying mechanisms within air capture technology
  • Study of the interactions of these new technologies with policy development and of the societal implications of these changes
  • Analysis to determine the optimal positioning of these technologies to best serve societal needs.

At the lab scale, we can demonstrate the moisture swing’s ability to increase the concentration of CO2  from the amount that is in ambient air, 400 parts per million (ppm) or 0.04%, to an enriched stream of up to 5%.  This passive process uses water to release CO2 and relies on evaporation to regenerate the sorbent.

Specific projects to demonstrate this phenomenon are:

  • Greenhouse in a Glove Box
  • Automated Shutter-box
  • Secondary sorbent

First Outdoor Operation of an Air Capture Device

  • CO 2 air capture device was construed to operate autonomously in real world environment.
  • CO 2 was captured, concentrated, measured and released.

Experimentation and Modeling of sorbent:

  • Verifying and validating the CO2 transport model
  • Molecular dynamics of the Humidity Swing

Other focus projects include:

Biological Conversion of Carbon Dioxide

  • Atmospheric Capture, Enrichment and Delivery

Chemical Conversion of Carbon Dioxide

  • Sustainable Hydrocarbons, liquid fuels from air and water

Safe and Permanent Removal of CO2 from Air with Carbonates

  • Carb-In- Ocean
  • Small scale mineralization

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