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Engineering | Center for Negative Carbon Emissions (CNCE)

Selected Publications

Moisture-swing sorption for carbon dioxide capture from ambient air: a thermodynamic analysis T. Wang, K.S. Lackner, & A.B. Wright | Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2012-11-05

The urgency of the development of CO2 capture from ambient air K.S. Lackner., S. Brennan, J. Matter, A.-H.A. Park, A. Wright, & B.C.C. van der Zwaan | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2012-07-27

Moisture Swing Sorbent for Carbon Dioxide Capture from Ambient Air T. Wang, K.S. Lackner, & A. Wright | Environmental Science & Technology, 2011-06-20

Envisioning carbon capture and storage: expanded possibilities due to air capture, leakage insurance, and C-14 monitoring K.S. Lackner & S. Brennan | Climatic Change, 2009-10

The importance of controlling carbon, not emissions or mpg K. S. Lackner & R. Wilson | Toxicology and Industrial Health, 2008